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 Student Testimonials 

"Thank you for bringing the gifts of yoga into our lives. Your practices are inspiring – and I have definitely learned the value of time well spent breathing, stretching, relaxing and also challenging my mind,body and soul. I always leave feeling better than when I came.  You are a compassionate and supportive teacher, and I love how you encourage us all to find the best in ourselves. Namaste, Trish!" (Kathy and Don R. Mount Pleasant)

"Somehow, every week it seems you give me exactly what I need, whether I knew it or not. Thank you. I felt great today and great this evening. I love practicing head stands because it is invigorating and makes me feel youthful". (Rebecca Mount Pleasant)

"I sometimes arrive at Trish's class with lots on my mind and feeling burdened by everyday life. I'm always pleasantly surprised -- not to mention relieved -- when I finish practice with a refreshed body and a clear mind.  Trish is a magician, and her yoga is magic!" - (Jeff Bridgeland)

"It has been a joy doing yoga with you Trish. I can honestly say you are my favourite yoga teacher ever, and I've had many" (Joan L. Mount Pleasant)

"This is my forth session of yoga with Trish and it's a class I ALWAYS look forward to.  Peaceful, encouraging, and inspiring are a few words to describe Trish and her teaching of yoga" . (Danielle B. Mount Pleasant)
Bridgeland Yoga
"Yoga at Mount Pleasant with Trish Hardy is the one day a week where I know that my body and spirit will be fed.  Her comforting style and positive approach nurtures my soul. Yoga gives you that which you need. My only regret is that I didn't discover Trish sooner! " (Sue H. Mount Pleasant)

"The reason I like the Yoga at Mount Pleasant is that it came with a great instructor. It's hard to explain how it makes me feel, other than it puts me in another place and makes me feel great about myself". (Cindy M.)

 "We never want to miss yoga class. It feels so much better to be there and get all the benefits of the practice. I always feel relaxed after class Thursday and it lasts for days!!". (Patrick. S.)

"I was hesitant at first to go for yoga classes. My partner wanted to go so I decided I would attend a few drop-in classes. Trish is a wonderful yoga instructor. After a few sessions I was hooked. I signed up as soon as I could for the next full session and have been attending every week.  We are encouraged to listen to our bodies and my body tells me to do more yoga! Thanks Trish! (James C.)

Mount Pleasant Yoga"This is the best yoga class I have ever found!  Trish is an extraordinary teacher, always positive, and encourages everyone to be the best they can be.  Her refrain of "This is yoga practice, not yoga performance" is refreshing, and exemplifies her grounded attitude. I can think of no higher compliment -- I always leave Trish's class feeling better than when I came in!"   (Kirsten P. Bridgeland).

"I love doing Yoga with Trish. I feel so relaxed and amazing afterwards like I am floating on air!" (Sarah P.)

"Yoga with Trish goes beyond a good stretch. I welcome the consistent challenge, with every practice, to build my skills and strengthen my self. I am rejuvenated after practice and eager to attend each week. I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, which makes it a wonderful and refreshing night out.  I have been and continue to be inspired to practice yoga. Thank you Trish!"  (Rebecca G.)

"I have been attending Trish’s Yoga classes for three years.  I keep going back because I find the class to be very therapeutic.  Not only do I get a one hour workout of my body physically, I also get a chance to refresh and renew my mind.  Trish has a great teaching style; she is gentle and kind, yet she continually challenges us to do our best.  Trish sets a non-judgmental tone in her classes, and often tells us to leave our egos at the door.  It is an environment in which all students are meant to feel welcomed and secure in their practice, no matter what level they are at.  I look forward to her class each and every week." (Angie P.)

"Trish  explains the poses so well, and gives us little reminders along the way, even after we know the poses. She is very encouraging and positive!" (Shannon M.)