Trish Hardy Yoga  - Yoga For Everyone
Information and Yoga Etiquette

  •  Please bring your own yoga mat and water bottle.
• Arrive a few minutes early to calmly prepare yourself for class. Please do not arrive late as is disrupts fellow students.

•Dress in comfortable clothes.  A tank top or fitting t-shirt with loose or stretchy pants, capri or shorts. Bring a warm layer for the final meditation.

• Please turn off your cell phone before class and NO cell phones permitted in the Yoga room.
•Vinyasa style yoga creates heat in the body so it is important to hydrate before, during and after class. During class take sips of water between a pose or in times of rest and not during a pose.
• Eating a large meal before class is not recommended but instead you may want to have a light snack before class or a light meal about 2 hours before, but it is best for the body to not be digesting while you are practicing yoga.
• While most studios do not allow talking before class begins, this is a place of community so feel free to chat quietly with fellow classmates before and after class however be mindful of others wanting some quiet time before class.  
•Yoga is about listening to your body and not comparing or competing with others.  Focus on your self and be connected to your practice.  Be content with where you are now and work from there.  Enjoy the journey!

* You do not require a flexible body only a flexible mind.  The body will follow.